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SLOTROD65 produces ultra sharp, super thin waterslide decals on high quality clear decal paper. Our decals are printed 'on demand', using an ALPS printer allowing us to print colors, white, and even gold and silver metallics! Finally, we buy our paper from the best small batch decal paper producer in the USA, so our decals are always fresh.
Unlike ALPS decals offered by some other producers, SLOTROD65 decals are shipped with a protective clear coat already applied. There is nothing additional that the slot car modeler needs to do applying them to the slot car of their choice!
SLOTROD65 decals are not like the decals you used to get years ago. Our ALPS printer, and high quality decal paper produces an ultra thin decal that snuggles down and conforms to the surface it is applied. We believe that you will find SLOTROD65 decals to be the best you have ever used. 


Slotrod65 is my oldest personal email address. Since I love both slot cars and Hot Rods, I combined the two.
Like many, I received my first slot car set as a kid. In 1973 I received an AFX set for Christmas. As fun as the AFX cars were, I quickly learned that T-jets were on sale just about everywhere. I vividly remember piling through boxes of MIB T-jets in a cardboard box at my local hobby shop. The cars were marked 99 cents, and I had two dollars!!
In the mid 1980's I gave all of my slot cars to a girfriend's little brother and I never saw them again! (Yes, I have contacted the family and they no longer have them.....)
In the early 1990s I ran across a slot car set at a flea market and was racing again. This time it was Aurora 1/32 cars. I have piles of Aurora 1/32 track and cars, but not enough room to have the 1/32 racetrack I would like, so they are in storage in boxes.
Then, a few years ago I stumbled across Model Motoring on the web. I started buying cars and began racing HO again. I built a 4 lane TOMY track in the basement, based on Suzuka in Japan since is the only real-life figure eight I have ever heard of!
Today, FORSPEED (Fort ORange SPEEDway) is undergoing a massive re-wiring, timing and tuning project. By spring I hope to have the raceway of my dreams.
In the meantime, I have decided to turn my decal drawing and printing talents from Model Rocketry (see to slot cars. Since I love the T-jet Hotrod, so I started by making some decals for my own cars, and decided to share them with other slot racers.

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