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Decal Application Instructions:

Before you begin, be sure to have:
1. Small scissors such as manicure scissors.
2. A bowl of warm water with two drops of liquid dish detergent.
3. A small modeling paintbrush (size #1 usually does the trick).
4. Several ready for use paper towels.
5. Microscale Micro Sol (optional)
6. Future brand floor finish. (optional)
7. 1” Foam brush (optional)

1. Remove the slot car body from the chassis. Make sure that your slot car body is dry
and free from dust or grease
2. Excelsior decals are printed and sealed on a solid sheet of decal paper.  In a way,
they are one large decal. Use your manicure scissors to cut as close to the desired
design as possible.
3. Soak the decal for approximately 10 seconds in a bowl of warm water with a drop or
two of liquid dish detergent, then set the decal aside (decal face up!) on a paper towel
for about 30 seconds to allow the decal to become free of the backing paper. It is
suggested that you soak one decal at a time.
4. Using your small modeler's paintbrush, 'paint' the area where the decal will sit with
a small amount of the warm soapy water. Apply the decal by sliding it off of the
backing sheet directly onto  the model. As the decals are very thin, it is not suggested
that they be removed from the backing sheet and then applied to the model.
5. Position the decal on the model.  We find the #1 paintbrush to be excellent for this
purpose.  Do not drag the decal with your finger as it may tear.  If the decal is really
sticky, or folds on itself, dip the #1 brush in the warm soapy water and apply this to
the decal to free it up. Blot any excess decal set or water with a paper towel, but
no not touch the decal itself.
6. When you have applied all of the decals and are satisfied with how they are
positioned, carefully apply the Microscale Micro-sol to the decals according to the
instructions on the bottle. It is vital that you do not touch the decals once this solution
is applied as it makes the decals very soft so that they will conform to the model's
surface. Blot any excess Micro-sol with a paper towel. Let the Micro-sol dry overnight.
7. OPTIONAL SUGGESTION: Using the 1” foam brush, carefully coat your entire
model with a very thin coat of Future floor finish. This is an acrylic gloss coating that
will not harm the decals and will provide a very shiny protective coat.  Some modelers
will wipe off any excess Future with a paper towel.  You may want to experiment ahead
of time to see what works best for you.
** Krylon clear coats are not recommended, as they may attack the decals.
Testor's Dull-Cote does not affect the decals but has a yellow tint that may
increase with time.

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