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Confessions of a Born Again Rocketeer


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125% upscale Blue Bird Zero

I have always liked this design, and wanted to clone it. The problem is that the nosecone PNC-55AO has been out production for some time. A few weeks ago, I came across a Mean Machine at a local hobby shop's clearance sale: $10.00!! I couldn't resist. When I got home, I decided to build a 125% BT-60 version of the Blue Bird Zero.

I printed the plans from Jim Z'z site and enlarged the fin patterns with a photocopier/scanner. I calc'ed out all of the new Body Tube length and instruction measurements. Three 18" kraft paper body tubes were needed for the 44.5" body tube. In the redesign, I decided to make the main tube 36" long, and add a noseblock to the bottom of the last 8.5" tube to make a payload section. I also built the motor mount strongly with plywood centering rings, and double engine hooks so it would fit and stand up to not only Estes E motors, but also AP motors. The motor mount tube is extended 20" inside to act as a stuffer tube. Fins are basswod, and the construction of the rocket is pretty well straightforward. Decals were redrawn using Coreldraw and printed with an ALPS printer.

The rocket sims to 452 feet with a D12-5, 1070 feet with an E9-6, and 1948 feet with an F21-8W.

I will re-sim once the recovery system is added, and add launch reports as  well.

BT-60 based Blue Bird Zero