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Confessions of a Born Again Rocketeer


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"The Zaniest Flying Freaks in the Universe!"

This is the first draft of my GOONYBIRDS page. Many say that these kits were the signal of the end of the 'Classic' age of serious model rocketry. There is no getting around the fact that these kits were designed for kids, and ESTES sure put a lot of push behind them when they were introduced. Good or Bad, they were the first step towards ESTES marketing model rockets as toys.


Above is the original GOONYBIRD. It was mostly built up when I obtained it. I will finish it and fly it, stickers and all.
UPDATE: See Below

Here is the completed Missile Toe
Yes, these are the original stickers!!


The box is intact but pretty battered. At the time these rockets were offered, no shops in my area carried rockets. All of my orders came directly from Penrose CO, and I have never seen another original box. I will be displaying the box next to the finished rocket.


Original ZOOM BROOM unassembled.

I have just obtained some more GOONYBIRD stuff. The SKY SHRIEK unbuilt, and the boxes for the galaxy Guppy and the Cloud Hopper. Below is a picture of the box art.


This completely unassembled kit came as a bonus along with the Missle Toe. It is absolutely perfect. Even the centering rings and fins have not been pressed out. I will be scanning and sending the fin patterns to JimZ ASAP. I am hoping to find a box someday as I just do not have the heart to assemble this perfectly unbuilt kit.

Below are some links to some pages of upscaled GOONYBIRDS. The first is my page, and the second is Mosquito Mike's


Alte Fritz and DEXSCAPE Goonybirds

Click here to go to Mosquito Mike's GOONYBIRD Upscaling Page!!