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Confessions of a Born Again Rocketeer


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On the workbench

Here are some pictures of my current projects:

I have a number of rockets that are in the finishing stage, here is my Boosted Alpha. I used Rocksim to creat a tumbling first stage for the standard ESTES Alpha.


Below is the DEXSCAPE. This model is based on the escape rocket used by Dexter in Episode 52 of Dexter's Lab: "Last but not Beast". The model boasts a Ram-jet style nose cone cut from a Fliskits "Deuces Wild" cone, and a triple 13mm motor mount.


Below is a clone of the Canadian CANAROC company's version of the 'Alpha' : The Challenger. A neat little variation on the 3FNC, with a strange little nosecone. Will be painted red with a white nosecone, one white fin, and Canadian flag decals.


These two are not clones. I purchased these mod 1970's vintage rockets as opened, partially built kits, and finished them. On the left waiting for two more fins to be painted blue is the Astron Drifter, and on the right is the Constallation with its first coat of Elmer's FNF .


Below is a SEMROC 'Retro Rocket' Lil Herc: a kitted clone of the old Centuri tumble recovery model. I did not like the idea of tacking washers on the outsides of the fins, so I drilled holes in the fins, glued the washers inside them, and paved the holes over with Elmer's FNF. The washers are necessary to make the rocket unstable for a tunble recovery after kicking the motor.


Here is a neat clone: The Canaroc Starship Scorpion. Sort of like an X wing fighter, but with neato angle-cut outboard BT-20 engines!! There are two of the 'upper wing' fins and two of the smaller 'rudders' attached like an x-wing fighter.