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Slotrod's T-jet page


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Here are some vendors that supplied parts, services, or information for my project.

AG&G Hobby

Custom Pancake Arms, Super Brushes, and Power Supplies. Alan was very patient and answered all of my questions concerning my custom armatures.

RT-HO Racing

Quality HO parts and tools. I have almost every tool these guys sell, and they make the various removals and installations of T-jet gears and parts a breeze!

MEV Originals

Original HO slot car bodies to fit the T-jet chassis. MEV has the widest selection of 1950's and early 1960's T-jet car bodies. Where else can you buy both an early and a late model 1/72 scale Corvair body? 

NJ Nostalgia Hobby

Do you have dreams about finding a hobby shop chock full of HO slot cars? I do! I thought I was dreaming when I stopped by NJ Nostalgia. The store is wall-to-wall slot cars, and the owner Joe is a great guy. If you live within 6 hours of northern NJ, I only have two words for you: ROAD TRIP! 

JAG Hobbies

A large parts selection, and great folks to deal with. What more do you need?

Scaleracers Hop Up Hints

A virtual treasure trove of slot car info and tips. Check out the arm identification guide just for starters.....

Dash Motorsports

The Mach V and Shooting Star from Speed Racer. Also , awesome T-jet Super Modified bodies!

More to come.....